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Global Education Initiatives ("GEI"), located in Long Island of New York State, is a U.S. company operating since 1997.  The Company's mission is to develop programs and services for further education in the U.S.  In the past few years the Company has been focusing on bringing students from China (and Taiwan as well) to attend high schools and universities. 

The company believes that study aside, all students will benefit greatly from cross-cultural experiences.

On one hand the Company develops new study programs with U.S. universities, and on the other hand the company recruits students from China through its network of local representatives.


To meet the demand for talents by China's economy, the Company has been working with U.S. universities to develop study and training programs for students who will return to their homeland to develop a career or build a business.  One such effort has resulted in an MBA program which includes intensive summer sessions, hence enabling students to complete the entire program in just one year.  Another effort has resulted in a BFA-and-MBA/MPA program in Arts Management.  The program, which can be completed in five years, helps its graduates to meet the need for managerial talents in the fast growing art/entertainment/culture industries in China.  On-going efforts include two master degree programs for teachers who want to teach English language to non-English speakers, and teachers who want to teach Chinese language to non-Chinese speakers.

To meet the needs of a fast growing aging population, the company is developing training programs to equip nurses with skills for geriatric care.


Through its network of local representatives the Company recruits students in China and helps them come to the U.S. for further studies.  To the students who have arrived in the U.S. the Company provides a wide range of services, helping to make sure that they learn what they come here for and enjoy life in a different culture.

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The Company believes in joint effort and teamwork, and continuously seeks partners to collaborate with in various projects.

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